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Loans for self-employer in Poland

In the article below we talk about whether people working in free professions abroad can get a loan in Poland without major problems. In addition, we will explain what documents are required of these people. If you work abroad as a self-employed, read it.

Loans for self-employed in Poland

Loans for self-employer in Poland

In Poland, the days are over when liberal professions received a large loan in Poland for a statement. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority has demanded a more demanding policy on all banks in Poland and a return to the old days when applying for a loan for people working abroad as freelancers is no longer possible.

The bank will certainly require a potential borrower’s revenue and expense ledger for the last three months. In some cases, you will need to show your right to practice. Although banks are more cautious about liberal professions today, it still does not change the fact that banks look at such clients very favorably.

For liberal professions, banks usually have separate loan offers, because nowadays many such people do not have any business activity or work on unstable but often well-paid short-term contracts. If a person working in Poland as a freelancer has adequate creditworthiness, he can count on better conditions of the loan agreement than people working full-time, even in terms of interest. In some banks, the offers are not cheaper but are characterized by a much simpler process and a faster decision to accept or reject the application.

Will I get a loan by doing a freelance job?

Will I get a loan by doing a freelance job?

Referring to people who practice their profession abroad , each bank has slightly different requirements for such persons applying for a loan in Poland. Each bank will certainly be more meticulous and will carry out a detailed assessment of your creditworthiness than in the case of a liberal profession with income earned in zlotys. The better your credit rating, the more you can count on. Therefore, one should take into account more extensive bureaucracy.

Despite this, Polish banks have an increasingly liberal approach to liberal professions that work abroad . Over the years, you can see an increase in acceptable sources of income from abroad or a reduction in the minimum length of service.

Of course, as in the case of other people who earn income from abroad, also in the case of liberal professions it should be remembered, the currency in which the loan is taken must be the same as that in which the borrower’s income is received .

Both among Poles working in Poland and among the Polish diaspora in recent years, a significant increase of people working as freelancers can be seen. It turns out that banks treat such people with a much greater degree of trust than people on contracts.

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